Specific Features of Internet Startup

The Internet has facilitated the creation of new startups with better measurement, greater customisation, rapid innovation and more awareness of market design. By analysing Internet markets in relation to technologies (often the source of the creation of new markets), distinctive characteristics can be noted in internet startups. These are specific features that distinguish them from traditional markets and can be summarised as the following:

  • Scalability (in terms of incremental returns);
  • Customisation (understood as matching users with opportunities);
  • Potential for Innovation (in terms of new products, new BMs etc.);
  • Measurability.


Executive Summary Template for Startups


A well done executive summary cannot miss in your investor deck. What I prefer is a one page with all the main info summarized with an appealing design. Being really brief is the key: investors receive tons of docs from startups and they don’t want to read too much to understand what you do, so less is better. Also a good design is important because it can make your info more readable and keep your reader awake. (more…)